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A Quaint Approach To Home Improvement

When we think of home improvement, we consider the obvious options. There are certain quintessential demands like cleaning the property, ensuring optimum upkeep, the odd repairs and at times there is a major replacement or upgrade necessary. Structural upgrades or mending would be imperative. Coming to cosmetic enhancements, most of us focus on what we can see and what we think would make the most difference, such as the furniture, the paint on the walls, the flooring or the lights and such fixtures which have a direct bearing on the décor and ambience.

ceiling-lamp-335975_640One integral component of every room can also have a substantial impact on your décor and ambience. That is the ceiling. Ceilings are often the most overlooked part of a room, especially when it comes to painting a room. Most homeowners resort to a white shade and that too, just a simple coat. You don’t need architectural ceilings with special moldings to draw attention but you can always consider having cornices or some false ceilings with recessed lights. A clever choice of paint can also do the trick.

Don’t choose colors for your ceiling the same way you would do for the walls or your exteriors for that matter. Light colors are more preferred for ceilings because they create the illusion of height. With modern homes having lower floor to ceiling height, the focus is more on how to make the ceilings look higher up than they are. Dark colors would make the ceilings appear closer and thus lower. Now, whether you would like lower or higher ceilings, as in light or dark ceilings, will depend on your personal preference but also on what kind of ambience you want.

Lighter shades such as white on your ceilings will never make a room warmer. Darker and more saturated colors will make the room cozier and warm. But you should avoid using too dark a color that would make a room look much smaller than it is actually. The availability of natural light and how much of it gets to invade the room will also influence your choice.

Rooms that have substantial natural light and probably have light bouncing off the ceiling can easily have a pinkish blush or some sky blue. Your room will look airy and fresh. But if you rely too much on artificial light or indoor lights then you cannot really opt for such lighter colors as they would absorb more light and would make the room appear cold. In such cases, more saturated shades would be the ideal choice.

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