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Aging With Your Home

Have you ever considered what you would like your home to be like in your golden years? There are things you may want in your retirement home that you do not need or desire currently. For example you will want your new home to be easy to live in and that means an easy to access house with easy to access rooms.

double-car-garage-475876_640A single-story layout is best with no entry stairs if this can be helped also try to find a house with no raised steps to trip over as well as thresholds that are flush with the floor. Look for wide walkways and plenty of lighting as well as extra floor space.

A walk-in shower is preferred over showers that has steps that you must use to get into them or a sink and shower that you must lower your body into. Look for counters that are middle height that are neither too low nor too high.

If it is the case that you have found a house that you love but the accessibility is not what you had hoped for there are modifications that can be made to the home. You can easily add handrails inside and outside to stairs in order to keep your balance.

Another option is to add non-slip surfaces to prevent slips and of course installing handrails in the bathroom and in the shower and the toilet area for ease-of-use.

When you’re out home shopping keep this plan in mind and don’t spend time looking at homes that do not have these features. Keep your aging plan in place as you have done it and make sure to find a house that you can easily age into and with.

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