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New Real Estate Developments in Roseville, CA

Roseville is a city located in Placer County, which is nearby Sacramento County and the city of Sacramento. The population is 124, 519 and is an urban large city, the largest in the Placer county area. When the residents get tired of the urban city everyday, they can go out to eh Sierra Foothills for the hiking trails and various water recreational activities. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, the winters are mild and the summers in the moderately hot range, so residents can enjoy the natural attractions year round.

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New Real Estate Developments in Folsom, California

The city of Folsom, Ca is a family oriented suburban small city with a population of 72, 303 people. It’s a short 30 minute commute to the biggest city in the area, Sacramento. But unlike other areas, this is not a place you need to commute to work from. The Intel Corporation is the biggest employer of the residents in the Folsom city area. Besides the excellent work opportunities and family way of life, this is also a place for cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. With 32 miles of bike trails that include the Willow Trail and American River Bike Trail, you can not go wrong looking for plenty of space to ride around here.

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New Real Estate Developments in Citrus Heights, California

Citrus Heights is a small-medium city located in Sacramento County, California. The population is around 85, 071 people. It’s location is east of the city of Sacramento and south of Roseville. Citrus Heights is a 100% urbanized city, but it surrounded by rural area recreational areas. The climate consists of mild winters and dry, hot summers. But the weather is generally always agreeable and temperate, allowing residents in Citrus Heights to enjoy the outside. An interesting fact is the median household income is around 45,000 dollars, which is below the average household income of 60,000 for the entire state of California.

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New Housing Developments in Fair Oaks, California

Fair Oaks is a typical large northern Californian town. Located in Sacramento county, its suburban characteristics is highlighted by semi-rural features such as Lake Natoma and the American River. Good school systems, fire districts, and reliable police departments along with the many outdoor recreational activities attract large and small families alike. These families can find homes available at a wide-range of prices.

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Exciting Annual Festivals in Folsom, CA


Endless fun and entertainment is found in Folsom, Ca. Although there is the big city of Sacramento to occupy plenty of time, not to mention the surrounding Sacramento county area’s other festival events, residents have lots to do in their own Folsom area. The family oriented city of Folsom definitely encourages more and more festivals, not to mention the abundance of natural attractions to encourage these events too. From festivals featuring outdoor physical activity and fun, to a colorful Renaissance festival, there is no end to the excitement in Folsom. Read on to find out which of these events sounds most interesting to you.

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