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Exciting Annual Festivals in Folsom, CA

Endless fun and entertainment is found in Folsom, Ca. Although there is the big city of Sacramento to occupy plenty of time, not to mention the surrounding Sacramento county area’s other festival events, residents have lots to do in their own Folsom area. The family oriented city of Folsom definitely encourages more and more festivals, not to mention the abundance of natural attractions to encourage these events too. From festivals featuring outdoor physical activity and fun, to a colorful Renaissance festival, there is no end to the excitement in Folsom.

Read on to find out which of these events sounds most interesting to you.

annual-festivals-in-folsom-caFolsom Cyclebration

For cycling and outdoor enthusiasts, it doesn’t get better than this. Folsom’s 32 miles of bike trails are put to full use in June when the Folsom Cyclebration comes around. Bike races such as the Willow Creek Circuit are held throughout the day, giving attendees plenty of a work out and competition. But this isn’t an event only for serious cyclists. Activities like the Scavenger Hunt give everyone who attends something fun to do.

Folsom Renaissance Faire

Who doesn’t like chomping down on a huge turkey leg? The annual Folsom Renaissance Faire takes place this year on the weekend of October 15th & 16th. Vendors of food and goods, live period music, stage performances, artists and craftsmen, and contests and games are all there for the event. The activities are capped off by a jousting competition by the International Jousting Tournament. Attendees can view knights draped in ornate armor and their trust draped horses compete against each other for prizes and recognition (yes, this is a REAL sporting competion so regular attendees will not be able to join in unfortunately!).
Guests are always encouraged to dress up for both days.

Folsom Gourd & Arts Festival

This festival takes place yearly in September in Folsom City Park. The event is used to raise money for local arts in the Folsom community. Artists of many different disciplines will be in attendance (over 150 to be exact), with participation always encouraged. In addition to the many artists involved, there is lots of other entertainment as well. From live entertainment and music, to food vendors, to raffle contests, and wine tasting too, there much to do for adults and kids.
Folsom has a lot to offer residents and visitors, whether you want an outdoor day of bike racing, or art and crafts in the streets of the city center, there is a lot to do year round. Even with the other major towns and cities nearby, the city of Folsom has so much (and don’t forget Folsom Lake, the Bike Trails, and all the other city attractions like the symphony if you want more after a festival). It’s easy to see why people enjoy Folsom, and I think the residents would have to agree.

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