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Fair Oaks, CA

There are many compelling reasons why families who want to escape life’s hustle and bustle love to call Fair Oaks home. The town consists of quality, older homes in peaceful, comely neighborhoods. It stands alone as a charming, serene area, surrounded by beautiful nature and located near bigger towns with plenty of fun activities.

Fair Oaks CA Employment & Population

With a population of 32,130 residents, Fair Oaks has a mix of suburban and rural zones. Like it’s neighboring cities, real estate prices in Fair Oaks are much amongst the highest in the nation, but aren’t near the housing costs in the priciest neighborhoods in our state.

With over 87% of its workforce in professional jobs, Fair Oaks is considered to be a white-collar town. The most popular employment sectors are sales (13%), management occupations (13%) and office and administrative support (11%). Like its neighbors, Fair Oaks is in the top 5% of cities in the country with residents who work in computers and math. Of note is that telecommuters are a comparatively high proportion of Fair Oaks’ workforce. In fact, a whole 7.5% of Fair Oaks residents work from home – this is much higher than the national average. The vast majority of these telecommuters work in knowledge-based, white-collar professions, often out of Silicon Valley.

Fair Oaks CA Demographics

Fair Oaks is one of the most well-educated cities in the United States. Approximately 40% of adults in Fair Oaks hold a bachelor’s degree or higher; compared to the national average of just over 21%, The average household income in Fair Oaks for a family of four is $162,000. This is wealthy compared to both California and the nation. Twenty-seven percent of households contain children under the age of 18 in them.

Fair Oaks is less ethnically diverse than some of its neighboring cities. The major ethnic categories break down as follows: 86% White and 9% Hispanic or Latino, 4% Asian, and 2.4% African American.