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Feng Shui Staging Your Closets

Everyone hates cleaning out closets. Whether you’re doing it to stage your home or for better positive energy. Having orderly closet is considered to be very important with Feng Shui . Empty space is desirable as it allows the room to breathe and feel no energy holding on to the damaged or battered items allows old energy to remain in the room and slows down the flow of new energy worksheet if you are selling your home

clothes-hangers-582212_640Our team advises that you break down your project into smaller portions that are more manageable. For example in order to get started with organizing your closet start by cleaning out a drawer. Want a project that takes even less time? Get rid of all the wire hangers.

If you’re ready to dig in and get going remove everything from your closet. Take a look at everything and determine if it’s really useful or if it’s something that you can get rid of and donate to charity. Vacuum out your closet once it’s empty and put the items you are keeping back in the closet but it in an orderly fashion and in a manner that allows them to be of service to you.

Separate your clothes and group shirts with shirts and pants with pants, organized by color or by season the choice is yours put all shoes on shoe racks shoe organizers and clear out all the garbage that is Left Behind . make sure all your hangers are facing the same way and are evenly spaced apart . try not to keep anything on the floor of your closet in order to allow the energy to flow around your clothing.

One quick home selling tips . cause it should be no more than half full if they are pack away any clothes that you don’t need in the current season . put them in storage and label every box as well.

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