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Finding Your Dream Home

Searching for your dream home can be an exciting, fun experience however if you don’t know what your dream home looks like it can start to become overwhelming or frustrating. When you’ve been pre-approved and you know what you can afford a good idea is to make a checklist of all your wants and desires in a home so that you will know what your dream home looks like from the outset.

single-family-home-1026378_640We recommend sitting down and making a checklist of your entire top wants you’d like to see in your new home. Do you want an older home or a newer home? If it’s an older home is it pre 1980 or post 1980? Before visiting another open house learn about your housing options and your top priorities. Decide what price range you will shop in and understand that you may need to make compromises along the way.

What is your ideal location for a new home do you want to live in the suburbs or do you prefer rural? What city do you want to live in and do you want easy access to the highway? How important is your view versus nearby suitable schools for youngsters? Are you looking for one story to story or perhaps a condo? How many bedrooms would you like and how many bathrooms are ideal for your family? Do you desire a guest room or hardwood floors?

These are all questions that should be answered before viewing your next open house to eliminate frustration and to narrow down your search for your dream home.

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Jim Larson - 5 stars

It was an awesome experience selling our home with Four Seasons.

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