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Focus On Serious Shortcomings During Home Staging

We are often influenced, far too much, by what we see and thus perceive. Very few people like to delve into the details or what really matters right from the outset. Property owners and buyers would almost always focus on aesthetic or cosmetic elements and less on more serious shortcomings, which may or may not become obvious immediately. Property owners would be lucky if homebuyers don’t observe some serious shortcomings and proceed to purchase the home. Such a risk is not worthwhile as it can easily tarnish the perceived quality of a home on social media, classifieds and review websites.

old-1391253_640Let us talk about some serious shortcomings that must be focused on during home staging. These shortcomings can even break a premade deal.

  • Look beyond the cosmetic issues wherever you see and whatever you spot. Harmless spots on the wall, some pastel or even oil stains on the wall that cannot be removed unless a new coat of paint is applied, usual wear and tear of tiles or paint, all these are the realities of a pre-owned home. Those who would be interested in buying a resale property are aware that these issues exist. None of these harmless cosmetic issues plague the sale. You can always attend to those issues but what you must focus on is much more serious. Look for signs of water damage, secondary damage from moisture, termite infestation and any kind of structural damage in the walls, countertops, floors and ceilings. If plaster comes off the wall, if there is some mold growth in a part of your home and if there is a structural issue with any pillar, foundation or brick and mortar, then it is a cause of much bigger worry.
  • Roofing, plumbing, drainage, air conditioner, heater and ventilation units are some of the most important installations in a home. You must make sure that your roof doesn’t have any missing shingle, that there is no leak and that it is well insulated. Plumbing fixtures must work impeccably. The ventilation, heating and air conditioning systems should be operational. If they are not, then have them removed. You can keep the ventilation ducts. Ensure they are clean and free of pests and insects. From the gutters on the roof to the sewer lines, make sure you attend to the maintenance of all such crucial installations during home staging.
  • Check out your home from outside and look for telltale signs of damage on the exteriors. Do not allow cracks and dents, holes and any such red flag to be very obvious. Any homeowner would immediately discard your property as a potential choice.

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