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Folsom CA Real Estate

Known as America’s Golden State, California has been recognized all over the world for its quality of schools, water systems, freeways and parks. It is one of the largest states of the United States, and it has dense population rate. Being a home to a large number of towns and cities, California is located in the heart of America, and holds some of the most priceless jewels such as Folsom, California!

folsom-ca-real-estateThe real estate market of Folsom has been booming ever since it regained its position after the 2008 economic crunch and realtors such as Keller Williams Folsom has been providing people with exceptional residential and commercial opportunities. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider moving to Folsom, CA.

About Folsom, California:

If you’re looking to live in the Sacramento area, but you’re trying to avoid the crowds and all the noise of the city itself, the Folsom city is certainly right up your alley.

Most commonly known for the Folsom Prison, this beautiful town lies in the heart of California and provides its residents with one of the richest quality of life you have ever experienced. It has a population of approximately 90,000 people, and has a number of things you can do while you’re in Folsom!

Things to Do In Folsom:

Folsom City Zoo:

If you have an appetite for wildlife and nature, you must visit the Folsom City Zoo. This recreational area is one of the paces for you to go and spend quality time with your friends and family. With a number of animals to watch, this zoo is extremely delightful to watch, especially of on the weekends.

Sutter St:

One of the best ways to take a stroll and spend time with your loved ones is Sutter St. It has a number of amenities attached to its vicinity and can provide you with a quality-time – especially if you’re a tourist.

Folsom Prison Museum:

Folsom is considered the Holy Grail of prisons, holding one of the most interactive prisons called the Folsom Prison. This museum is dedicated to the Folsom Prison, and allows you to experience prison life.

Lake Natoma:

Your holidays at Folsom just got even better! Take a ride to Lake Natoma and enjoy the serenity and peace you will find in this place; with an added flavor of nature and close-by amenities. Moreover, you can spend a quality time with your friends and family, when you’re visiting Folsom for the first time!

The Education Options:

A part of the Los Rios Community College District, the Folsom Lake College is a public community college, situated in the city. The public schools feature Vista Del Lago High School and Folsom High School. Moreover, in the list of middle schools are the Folsom Middle School and Sutter Middle School.

The Bottom Line:

Folsom, CA is one of the best residential choices if you’re looking forward to living a peaceful and serene life. In order to get the best real estate options in Folsom, get in touch with Keller Williams Folsom today!

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