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Home Buying Misconception #1

There are always many misconceptions about buying a home or selling a home and what is involved throughout the process. This makes many people hesitate in their home buying decision and since many times this is a very sound investment we would not want this to discourage you from moving forward.

realty-1151249_640For example a common misconception is that real estate agents are no longer necessary since all the information can be found online. This just isn’t the case and it’s still extremely important to have an experienced local real estate agent on your side. Since there’s no additional cost to you there really is no downside to having an experienced team player along for the ride.

The truth of the matter is it’s not about agents having access to data – that’s all online. The place where real estate agents really show their value is with how much they understand the process and can act as an advisor to help you interpret the data that you already have access to. On top of this buying a home is an incredibly emotional experience although you might initially think of it as a financial transaction. You want an outside perspective to navigate the journey and steer you in the right direction.

Imagine buying a home and then finding out later on that there are numerous issues with the structure or that you overpaid the market price. Real estate agents help facilitate all this and guide you in your home buying experience.

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Jim Larson - 5 stars

It was an awesome experience selling our home with Four Seasons.

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