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Home Buying/Selling: The Significance of a Real Estate Agent/Broker

Classifieds, social media and search engines along with conventional modes of advertising or searching have empowered homebuyers and sellers. Considering the available resources, one would feel that there is no need to hire a real estate agent or broker to buy or sell a home. The reality is much more complicated than that. Unless you are into real estate yourself and can spend day and night on your quest, you ought to hire a real estate agent or broker, whether you are buying or selling a home.

house-purchase-1019764_640Let us understand the significance of a real estate agent or broker by considering their role or what they do.

  • A quick search online will possibly get you hundreds of properties but all of them would not be relevant. You have a certain requirement and you need to see homes that would satiate those needs. Even as a property seller, you can get access to many homebuyers but not all would be interested in the type of property you are selling. Realtors qualify homebuyers before getting them to a property. Realtors understand the need of homebuyers and then they come up with a shortlist of properties that would satiate the needs of the homebuyer. Using advanced search options or filters while checking out properties online would pale in comparison with human assessment of relevant properties or homebuyers.
  • The real estate market is quite volatile, it is also pretty complex and there are ever changing regulations, claims and lies, and then there are the various formalities and nitty-gritty that you have to attend to. With a real estate agent, you need not worry about any such issues. A realtor will be responsible for you and will thus always protect your interest, something you may not be able to do on your own. You would get help with all the latest building codes or regulations pertaining to real estate transactions.
  • A real estate agent would attend to all the paperwork, legalities and formal procedures. If you have ever sold or bought a home then you know how complex, time consuming and tedious these tasks are. A real estate broker is efficient at all these as they keep doing it regularly for a living. What’s a daunting challenge for you will be a cakewalk for them.
  • From home inspection to property evaluation, negotiation to closing the escrow, a real estate agent will help you throughout your journey. In effect, you don’t have to put in a lot of effort to buy your dream home or to sell your property quickly.

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