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Home Improvement 101: Get A State of The Art Security System


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Home Improvement 101: Get A State of The Art Security System

While planning a home improvement project, most people think of cosmetic changes. For obvious reasons, we tend to think of a new carpet or rug, a new couch or perhaps a new dining table, new paint on the walls or perhaps a new floor, new dados in the kitchen or special walling in the bedroom. None of these home improvement ideas are futile or unnecessary. They can certainly add a generous doze of glam and sophistry to your décor and living space. However, those don’t have to be your topmost priority.

Your first priority while planning any kind of home improvement is to have a state of the art security system, unless you have one already.

There are various types of home security systems out there. Some are affordable and some cost a fortune. There can be different kinds of variations of the same model or technology. The cameras can have highly varied specifications, the network security can vary and even the mechanisms will be different as well. It is not possible to account for all the variants out there but you can always check out the basic differences.

You can opt for landline, cellular and broadband based home security systems. You will come across systems that have multiple methods of communication. There are wireless home security systems that don’t require a landline connection for communication and some models work on existing landline connections in addition to being compatible with ADSL or Wi-Fi. There are landline based setups which can be monitored remotely as well. There are advantages and challenges with each type of monitoring. You should weigh the pros and cons depending on your needs.

You should get a home security system that scores well on automation. Home security systems are not solely about theft or break-in alarms. Automating the thermostat, energy management solutions, remote arming and disarming of the residential security system and controlling various large and medium sized appliances can and should be looked into. All modern home security systems offer some degree of home automation. You may want expansive remote access or you may simply want to turn on and off the primary alarm system using your smart phone. With greater home automation, you would be paying more but the additional investment may be necessary in some cases.

Check out as many or few models as you want, set aside a budget and make a list of features that you want. The journey may be a tad complicated but this would be the most rewarding home improvement investment you would ever make.

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