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Home Improvement Prior To Selling/Listing Your Home

Home staging is a quintessential part of selling a property. Before you can stage a property or while you do it, you must focus on various aesthetic and structural aspects of the property to ensure that no visible or obvious red flag crop up. You should attend to whatever repairs and replacements that may be necessary. You should also attend to the paint on the walls, ceilings and exteriors to enhance the aesthetics. If your property looks attractive, then that is the first step towards having a deal.

paint-933395_640Selling a house can be a cakewalk or it can become extremely challenging. It may so happen that you would have to indulge in a long wait before you have any prospective homebuyer show up at your address. Even if you get several prospective homebuyers, they would always be looking at other properties and then it would boil down to their preference and how better your property is in comparison with the others on the market.

Of all the cosmetic enhancements you can opt for, painting is the least invasive, most inclusive and has the maximum impact.

  • The first advantage of repainting your home before selling is property evaluation. Whenever you put a property up for sale, you would need to get it evaluated. Whether or not the resale price would be subject to some appreciation will depend on a number of factors, one of which is the condition of the paint. A fresh paint will always increase the value of your property and thus you can quote a higher resale price.
  • First impression matters. When you have prospective homebuyers visit your property or even if you are dealing with real estate agents, they would be impressed if you have repainted recently. No one likes to visit a property that has chipped walls or existing paint peeling off. These are unsightly and often indicate underlying problems. Some people may perceive the issues as structural damages and that would never drive a sale.
  • Fresh paint would always work in your favor by outdoing the competition. Imagine a situation when a homebuyer checks out four properties among which three have old paint and one has new paint. There may be other differences but which property among these four would impress the homebuyer more?
  • New paint would allow you to negotiate better. You would get some much needed firepower that would enable you to ask for higher prices.

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