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Home Selling Misconception #2

The market value of a home is defined by what both buyers and sellers agree on during the initial transaction. An appraisal, especially a recent one, is what the homeowner and seller can rely on for a bank refinance.

dollars-31085_640It’s extremely useful to know that a home appraisal value generally comes in at lower than the fair market value. This means that the asking price of the home should be higher than what the house was appraised for and if it is not as the seller you are doing yourself a disservice.

You might think that spring is the best time to sell your home and traditionally many buyers come to the market in the spring due to a change in job or change in school. It is important to remember however that not every buyer has a family with children or has a need to move to due their job. If homes are scarce in the winter then the winter might be a very good time to list.

The best time to sell your home hands down is when inventory is low because this will push the price of your house higher. If you have time to evaluate your local market and speak to a realtor plan a sound strategy for when to list your home and when to buy your next one.

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