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When staging your home it is important to plan ahead. Our team recommends walking through each room and looking at it from a buyer’s perspective.

Think about getting a professional inspection. You want to know if any repairs are necessary.

If major repairs are needed hire a contractor and consider an appraisal to find out your current market value.

home-1194442_640Remember to clean declutter and depersonalize. You will want to clean the entire home from top to bottom. Scrap tile in the kitchen and bathrooms, clean hardwood floors, steam cleaned carpets and drapes. Think about replacing your carpet it stays are easily visible.

Repair cracks and holes in the walls, paint interior walls with neutral colors like beige cream or light pastel.

Take out excess and oversized furniture and rearrange furniture to maximize space in your home. Organize closets, remove all appliances, family photos and medications.

Make sure to maximize your curb appeal. Consider painting your home’s exterior and power wash the siding and all windows completely.

If you can repair cracks in the driveway and remember to sweep the entryway and walkways. A green grass is always welcoming you may wish to mow water and fertilize your lawn. Consider planting colorful flowers and shrubbery. Don’t forget about your gutters and downspouts.

Now it’s time to tackle the kitchen. Clear counter tops, get rid of outdated hardware, and organize the cabinets and drawers. Hang fresh towels and consider baking cookies or burning scented candles.

Turn on all the lights in your home and open windows to let in fresh air. If you have pets we recommend relocating them the day of your open house. Noisy pets can be a deterrent. You will also want to refrain from smoking in your home the day of your open house.

You always want to show off your home’s best features. If you have great hardwood floors remove the rugs, if your landscaping is beautiful open your drapes.

The most important thing is to remember to show first-time visitors why your house is the perfect house for them.

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