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A home is a huge investment and this is the number one reason why homeowners insurance exists. Brian at home one of the largest purchases that many people make. It is only safe to assume that those people want to protect the value of their property. At it’s core homeowners insurance is a contract between a homeowner and insurance company. The deal is that if the owner pays the required premiums and meets the other requirements that are listed on the policy, the insurance company then guarantees to reimburse the homeowner for property damages and losses due to natural or human caused disasters.

house-insurance-419058_640In a nutshell, the homeowners insurance policy protects against property damage from items such as hail storms, fire, lightening or wind. It covers such items such as motel food costs if you’re forced to leave your home during repairs.

Take note that typical policies do not cover flood or earthquake damage. However if you live in California you will find that this is a requirement for many insurance policies of this caliber.

Basic policies to quickly cover against loss from that or vandalism as well as natural disasters.

Many homeowners ask if homeowners insurance is required. Our response is that it is almost universally required by mortgage companies with the purchase of a home. Even if it’s not required, A good insurance policy is a wonderful way to protect the value of your home.

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