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Homes for Sale in Rancho Cordova CA

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Rancho Cordova offers an affordable style of living for many up-and-coming young families. Incorporated in 2003 the city has a population of 69,000 people and the region holds more than 2 million. The state capital is only 13 miles away and the Office Park is the second largest within Sacramento County. Located adjacent to the American Parkway system this city is perfect for nature lovers as well as fishermen. Rancho Cordova provides advantages due to its location for businesses and it’s proximity to US Highway 50 which runs from Sacramento through South Lake Tahoe. Mather airport is near by and it is what ensures that Rancho Cordova stands out as a prime business location. For owners who can fly in for the day conduct their business and then fly out this is a match made in heaven. For the many young families who reside in Rancho Cordova this ensures job security for the long term.

One can argue that Rancho Cordova is more industrial than it’s nearby competition of Fair Oaks and Carmichael. If you’re looking for more of a city experience than Rancho Cordova homes for sale may be what your family is looking for. Rancho Cordova offers of a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It is perfect for nature lovers and businesses alike, and it is not unusual to see a fisherman and the businessman in a three-piece suit in line at the bank together. Rancho Cordova is also great for retirees. Because if it’s affordable living and beautiful location this is a hotspot for senior citizens. Lincoln Center is very active with Bingo on Fridays pinochle on the weekends and Bridge during the week. There’s also a wonderful Library and offers a weekly story time for toddlers And pre-school age children.

Keep in mind that this progressive business-friendly city is located above the floodplain and far away from earthquake fault lines. Additionally there are four convenient Light Rail stations as well as a commuter shuttle. On top of that the business license fee is only $99 making this a wonderful place to come for a startup or a business attempting to grow larger. Homes for sale in Rancho Cordova are cheap and offer some of the most affordable commercial rents in the region. Rancho Cordova is home to several Fortune 500 companies as well as many small businesses. To name a few, Blue Shield, Franklin Templeton Investments, Health Net and Verizon Wireless are some of the names you have perhaps heard of.

Rancho Cordova CA homes for sale are cheap in comparison to their neighbors and because of the excellent business opportunities within the city itself it is clear to see why this is home to many young up-and-coming families. The city of Rancho Cordova it still understands that they have a young population and therefore offer many amenities for children. There are four school districts with the majority residing in the Folsom Cordova Unified School District. There are three high schools Cordova High School, Walnutwood High School and Kinney High School. The scores are better than average and current data shows that 85% of residents have a high school education and 22% of residents have some type of college or School degree.

Rancho Cordova has its own police force the Sacramento Metropolitan fire district which provides fire and EMS services.

Homes for sale in Rancho Cordova CA offer a rich history. Originally called Hangtown Crossing during the gold rush the area was renamed Mayhew Station and Mills Station around 1900. The city was named after their Cordova Vineyard which was located in the center of town the first post office was established in 1955 and this is when the city became known as the Rancho Cordova. Gold rush in my neighbor prominent in area in some cases of gold can still be found. The Magnolia Inn was the first stop on the Pony Express route. Many young men returning from World War II we’re looking for places to settle find a job by at home and raise their families. The Vineyards Rancho Cordova off of the perfect place for these families and young men and this is where they built their homes.

Rancho Cordova’s history is vast and it’s eye towards the future makes it the perfect place for young families to begin their journey. If you are looking for Rancho Cordova CA homes for sale please contact our real estate team. We are familiar with the area we have local experience and we look forward to meeting and talking to you soon.

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