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How To Pick The Best Colors When Repainting Your Home

The easiest way to go about a home makeover is to get your entire home repainted. New paint can do wonders. It can make an old house look new. Fresh paint would increase the resale value of a property. Even if you are not planning to sell your home, it is always desirable to have the property value appreciated. You may have been waiting for the opportunity to change the ambience or appearance of a certain room which can be easily attended to.

national-colours-1002786_640But, a home makeover exercise can become less than satiating if you don’t pick the right colors. There are hundreds of colors that you would like and the various tints, shades, finishes and combinations will make for a thousand options and more. You have to know what you really like so you can end up picking the perfect colors.

Here is a brief guide to help you pick the best colors when repainting your home.

  • All rooms in a home don’t get equally exposed to natural light. The amount of natural light a room gets will determine the choice of colors. You cannot choose very dark colors in rooms that are naturally well lit. This would make the rooms look weird. Likewise, dark rooms should not have very light colors as then the shadows would not be absorbed and the light colors will make the room less cozy. Choose the colors you want but the shades have to apt for the light the rooms get exposed to.
  • What kind of ambience you want in a room will also influence your choice. Lively rooms would call for certain shades, if you want the master bedroom to be classy then certain shades would be ruled out, kids bedrooms will have different demands and kitchens, dining spaces and bathrooms would have their own requisites. You cannot opt for a standard approach. Make a list of your favorite colors and weigh the merits and demerits of every color on that shortlist in the context of the room you are considering them for.
  • There is no thumb rule in choosing paints for home makeover. Factor in the size of a room, the type of furniture you have, the ceiling height and how you deck up your walls, ala photos and wall fixtures such as lights and others. Give vent to creativity instead of complying with any preset norms. Focus on complementing and contrasting colors but not just as hues. You need to find the correlation of all the items you have put up as part of your interior décor with the new paint.

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