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How to remove smoking smell from your home

Our team has worked with many different houses that had former smokers. Smoking, be it from cigarettes cigars or pipes is a terrible smell and almost impossible to get rid of. It soaks into the smallest areas possible and saturates everything. It seeps into carpet padding upholstery and cushions.

smoke-1001667_640The first step is taking out everything such as furniture, throw pillows drapery and mattresses put it in the washing machine until you’ve gotten rid of the snow . if your carpets know you’re going to have to tear it out carpeting replace carpet padding must be replaced you will have to strip the room there and build it from scratch wash all the hard surfaces that are under the carpet and wash them again until the smell is gone while you’re at it have all the vents and ducts in the house cleaned as well and change filters throughout the home . it might seem silly but changing out the light bulbs will also assist this noxious smell .

We cannot guarantee that the smell would be removed even if you try all of the above . This is the best advice we can offer however and we wish you the best of luck with this very difficult endeavor.

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