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Moving the Elderly

When an elderly friend or relative is getting ready to move emotions can run high. You may be wondering about the best planning that can go into such a move and our advice for a successful move is communication. Read on to discover how you can support the elderly during their move.

hands-981400_640The first thing you want to do is downsize possessions. This will be difficult, as this may comprise a vast amount of their lifetime. Deciding what to keep and what to let go can be very difficult however a safer home is one without the clutter and that has fewer hazards and your loved ones will need your support and help to stay on track with their downsizing effort.

Make sure to measure the size of rooms and closets and write down the exact measurements of each to use as a reference. This will help you to decide how much you can bring and how much you will have to leave behind. Always plan ahead and start sorting and downsizing early on. Make sure to give your loved ones the time they will need to make these important decisions about what to let go.

Make sure to keep your loved ones involved in the moving process. They should retain control and be given as many choices as possible. Remember to stay realistic with your expectations. This is a very hard time in your loved one’s life and moving to a new house can be intimidating. As this is the case make sure to let them keep some non-essentials as there will be some items that your loved ones just cannot bear to part with.

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