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Prerequisites of Home Staging


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Prerequisites of Home Staging

Home staging is an elaborate process of prepping a home and decking it up so the property becomes more desirable for the homebuyer. There are many ways to influence the perception of a homebuyer. Marketing the location, hammering a few unique selling points or features of the property, focusing on the price or combining several advantages of the property to impress the homebuyer are some of the many ways employed by property owners and realtors. Home staging is quintessential if you want a quick sale and if you wish to get a nice price.

There are certain prerequisites of home staging. Not all are considered necessary by everyone. You can check out the prerequisites and be the judge of what is important and what is discretionary.

  • Always de-clutter the property, clean it, disinfect it and dehumidify the interiors. A property must look spotlessly clean, tidy or neat and should have everything in its rightful place, which is if there is a lot of stuff being used during home staging. It could be an old property or a new one, a refurbished or flipped home and it can be a pre-owned but relatively new home. Regardless of the age and type of property it is, home staging is all about making the property look cosmetically enhanced and it should feel pleasant as well.
  • The interiors and exteriors are equally important. If there are signs that the property is not in good shape or that there is work to be done, then it instantly works as a discouraging factor for a homebuyer. If there are stained patches on the exteriors, then attend to them. If there is a very unaesthetic wall, do something about it. If you have broken tiles, missing shingles on the roof or anything that appears as obvious signs of damage, you must attend to them. Repair, replace or get new materials installed. You cannot stage a home that has several aesthetic and structural problems.
  • You may consider using furniture, upholstery and various appliances during home staging. You may choose not to. This choice is yours. Many people feel that using furniture, upholstery and appliances would instill that furnished look which most homebuyers would be impressed with. Many people feel that having a property completely vacant allows homebuyers to imagine how they would want things to be. Homebuyers may not always agree with the design, layout and specific choices of home stagers. Whatever you decide is acceptable as long as you are convinced with your own reason.

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