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Roseville, CA

One trip to Roseville and it’s easy to see the pride the city takes in offering its residents the very best. With its booming business and arts scene, families can work and play without leaving town. Regular events that bring the city together include picnics or Music in the Park concerts.

Roseville CA Employment & Population

With a population of 128,382, Roseville is the largest of the surrounding cities. While Roseville’s population continues to grow, the city has successfully kept pace with infrastructure needs. This is due, in large part, to Roseville having the 13th highest retail sales of all cities in the state. A major contributor is the Roseville Auto Mall, which is one of the biggest auto malls in the United States.

Over 87% of the city’s workforce is employed in the white-collar sector – this is far greater than the national average. The breakdown of Roseville’s top industries are: office and administrative support (15%), sales jobs (13%) and management occupations (11%). Of note, Roseville has a greater number of people who work in computers and math than 95% of the cities throughout the United States. Accordingly, the level of education of Roseville residents is much higher than that of the national average. In fact, 35% of Roseville adults have a bachelor’s degree or higher; the national average is 21%.

Roseville CA Demographics

In 2010, 37% of households had youth under the age of 18 living in them. Roseville’s annual average income for a family of four was $134,400. This is considered upper middle class in California and it is wealthy compared to the rest of the country. Approximately 65% of residents in Roseville own their own home.

Roseville’s demographic makeup is approximately 80% White; 14% Hispanic/Latino; 8% Asian/Pacific Islander; and 2% African American. The most common languages spoken in Roseville are English and Spanish.