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The First Three Steps Of Home Staging

Home staging plays an important role while selling a property. There are many property owners and even real estate agents who don’t focus on home staging. It is a serious mistake that shouldn’t be made. Home staging can be the difference between a quick sale and a long drawn wait to convince a home buyer. It can be the difference between getting the ask price and an extensive negotiation that would bring down the price substantially. Home staging can also ensure more people getting interested in the property. It is easier to market a home that has been prepped up for a sale. Eventually, it becomes easier to sell.

home-1416381_640Home staging has several phases. In here we list the first three steps of home staging.

  • The first step is cleanup. The whole cleanup exercise will be divided into two parts. One would involve de-cluttering the home. You can get rid of some stuff from the property that you may not need or want to have. You may organize all your possessions so they look presentable. You can move in a few stuffs or move some stuff out and around. Whatever you do, the objective is to make the home look organized, cleaner and neater. As you de-clutter and organize everything in the property, you should also attend to the typical cleaning. Wash the floors, get rid of all dirt, mildew, mold and stains, attend to the exteriors with pressure washing if needed and ensure the interiors look pleasant. You may or may not get new coats of paint, you may not upgrade anything and you may not make substantial changes to anything in the home. As long as the property is spotlessly clean, it should look good.
  • Disinfection is imperative during or after cleaning. Usually, professional cleaners will use disinfectants if asked and they would do so while cleaning the home. Over a period of time, a home will become a haven for many insects, pests and rodents. It is necessary to get rid of them. New properties may be vulnerable to termite damage and there can always be some infestations around the property. Attending to these is imperative.
  • The third step is dehumidification. You need to ensure that the home feels fresh, dry and fragrant. It cannot be damp or moist, humid and the air cannot be stale. Allow optimum natural light, allow cross ventilation and dehumidify the home to impress the home buyer.

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